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Andrew Percy MP

Full Fibre For Goole

Full Fibre For Goole
Earlier this week, Andrew met with KCOM for an update on the company's multi-million pound roll-out of ultrafast gigabit broadband to the town. The works started in June and will be completed by the summer of 2021, providing Goole residents with ultrasfast broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabit, something enjoyed by fewer than 15% of the UK. 
The investment comes as part of a £100 million network expansion by East Yorkshire based KCOM across the East Riding. 
Following his meeting with Sean Royce, Managing Director of KCOM Retail, and Alan Worthing, Head of Sales for KCOM, Andrew provided the following update on Facebook:
I had a great meeting yesterday with KCOM, previously Kingston Communications, regarding their multi-million pound roll-out of ultrafast full fibre broadband to the town. As part of a £100 million expansion of the KCOM network, 9000 homes in the Goole area will be able to access full fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband of up to one gigabit per second (1 Gbps).
At the moment most of our area is connected to broadband by way of what is called fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband which means that the fibre broadband is connected to the green cabinets in the street which is then connected to homes by way of copper cables from the green cabinets to our homes. The further you are from the cabinet, the slower the connection will be. Connections over copper are also affected by the weather and by the number of users in a property. This has meant that the contract to roll-out of superfast broadband over this method in the past few years was set at a speed of 24mbps or more.
Whilst this was a big improvement from what many of us had before, it is nowhere near as good as full fibre to the premises which brings that fibre broadband connection directly to the home. Whether it is gaming, watching streaming services or homes with multiple users, this full fibre offers a much better connection and reliability.
KCOM are an East Yorkshire based business and this multi-million pound investment in Goole will put us in the minority of communities in the UK with access to full fibre broadband. That is quite an advantage for the town given that just 12-15% of the UK have access to this presently.
I am informed by KCOM that they should have this rolled out across the town by next summer with the first homes able to access the new service from the end of August onwards. I have asked KCOM to update me on which streets are now able to get the service so that I can keep residents updated. The company are also looking at taking a shop in the precinct where residents will be able to discuss the service; another important boost to the local economy as we need shop units taking up more than ever right now!
As this is KCOM's network, customers wishing to switch would have to use KCOM's packages to access these speeds. If not, customers can simply remain on their current packages via the BT Openreach network.
Sean Royce, managing director of KCOM Retail, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing the benefits of Lightstream broadband to around 9,000 properties in Goole. Our award-winning full fibre network is one of the best, fastest and most reliable in the UK – and even the world – and has already brought huge benefits to where we’ve already rolled it out in Hull and East Yorkshire. Lightstream can deliver gigafast speeds which means people at home can stream, surf and download better than ever before while businesses will be able to do work quicker, easier and with no delays, disruption or hassle.
“KCOM’s ultrafast broadband will really help further unlock the economic potential of Goole, which is undergoing major investment at the moment from the likes of Siemens. We’re delighted to be part of this bright new chapter for the town."
PHOTO - Previous photo of Andrew inspecting the progress being made on broadband upgrade works in the constituency 
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