Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

M62 Ouse Bridge Update

Andrew has been provided with an update on the ongoing Ouse Bridge works.

Andrew reports, “Please see below the current status of the programme, together with proposed programme dates for the remaining phases of the works.

National Highways have stressed that the work phase dates are subject to change in the event of any adverse weather or any unforeseen issues identified. However, they have said that they feel they are far better equipped based on the first phase experience to address any issues in a timely manner and they continue to apply pressure to their contractors to better the programme.


Compound Area

• Compound and storage areas complete

• CCTV and Security in place


• Scaffolding all complete as previous updates. Monitoring and maintenance on-going

Upper Deck Drainage

• All drainage on eastbound carriageway complete with the exception of new joint tie ins to abutment joints.


• Half Joints – Waterproofing and surfacing completed in hard shoulder lane 1

• Half Joints – Surface water drainage installation complete

• Half Joints – Joint installation to be completed within the next 2 weeks

• Abutment Joints – All concrete now completed within hardshoulder and Lane 1

• Abutment Joints – Areas to be waterproofed within next two weeks with surfacing and joint installation early/mid February

Proposed Traffic Management Phases (Indicative)

• The switch to the next phase will now take place on 19/2/24 when we will have hard shoulder running on the eastbound carriageway, allowing us to start works in lanes 2 & 3. The Contraflow lanes will remain the same. Unfortunately time beat us just prior to Christmas when we were hoping to have all the concrete poured so that it could cure over the break.

• Phase 2 of the works (lanes 2 & 3 eastbound carriageway) will commence 19 February where works on both the abutment and half joints will be undertaken. Programmed completion date 27 March 2024. Contraflow lanes as is, eastbound carriageway hard shoulder running.

• Phase 3 of the works (Part lane 3 east and westbound carriageways and central reservation) programmed to commence 29 March and completed by 25 June 2024. Traffic will be out of contraflow and running in hard shoulder and lane 1 in both east and west bound carriageways.

• Phase 4 of the works (Contraflow now established on eastbound carriageway. Eastbound traffic using hard shoulder and lane 1, westbound traffic using lanes 3 & 2, with an additional lane open on the westbound carriageway, running hard shoulder, for traffic entering the M62 from Junction 37) programmed to commence 27 June 2024 and completed by 14 July 2024.

• Phase 5 of the works (Contraflow continues on eastbound carriageway as phase 4. Westbound traffic running lane 3 on westbound carriageway) programmed to commence 16 July 2024 with completion by 30 August 2024.

Other Works

• The speed restrictions and traffic management layout continue to operate well with no disruption or delays being encountered.

• Continue to undertake other works within traffic management closures as and when required i.e. technology faults etc."


Andrew adds, “My recent visit to see the bridge repairs up close allowed me to really appreciate the complexity of the works. As a local resident myself, I understand the frustration and share residents’ eagerness for completion. It is not a simple piece of engineering, and safety is of course a priority, so the work must be completed with great care and diligence.

I will continue to monitor progress and keep residents posted with any further updates on these works.”

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