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Google - Summer of Little Wins Campaign

Google  - Summer of Little Wins Campaign

Google have informed Andrew of their new “Summer of Little Wins” campaign to enable parents to help children become safer and healthier online this summer, and beyond. 

Andrew explains, "You may remember previous information I have posted on Google’s free tools and resources for families. The goal is to teach online skills in a fun way, and this new campaign builds on their previous work in this area. 

"The new campaign features Parent Zone-approved advice and inspiration for parents, as well as quick tips on how to use Google’s suite of free family tools, including their Family Link app and Be Internet Legends programme for managing children’s relationship with technology."

For more information, you can download a digital planner online here:

You can also find the Parent Zone website online here for some useful resources and activities:

You may also remember the “Interland” game Andrew previously mentioned following a visit he arranged for Google to a primary school in our area. Interland is a fun-filled adventure game to make learning about online safety fun and informative. Children learn about avoiding hackers, phishers and bullies practising the skills learnt with the programme. This free programme can be found online:

In addition, you can follow the hashtag #summeroflittlewins on social media for more information on this campaign.


PHOTO - Andrew previously met with Google in Parliament to discuss their various resources and programmes. 

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