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Andrew Percy MP

Drainage meeting with Severn Trent

Drainage meeting with Severn Trent

Andrew joined Councillors John Briggs and Julie Reed for a meeting with Severn Trent to discuss on-going resident concerns about flooding and drainage in the Crowle and Ealand area. 

Severn Trent heard concerns about continuing problems during times of heavy rainfall, with particular concerns being raised about sewage over-flowing. North Lincs Council, Severn Trent and the Environment Agency have all re-committed to working together to solve the issues with drainage in the area. 

Andrew said, "John, Julie and I share the concerns of residents about the adequacy of the drainage system in Crowle and Ealand. In fairness to all of the agencies, much has been done to abate many of the problems but the system is still unable to cope during times of heavy or long term rainfall. 

“Everybody agrees that a major drainage scheme is needed, but this has to compete against other schemes in the Severn Trent area for funding. Consequently, it is really important that residents report any issues with drainage to Severn Trent as soon as it happens. Whether that is problems flushing the toilet during heavy rainfall or drains backing up, it is vital that these issues are logged by Severn Trent as that can help improve our chances of securing the investment needed to upgrade the system. 

“That is not to say that nothing will happen in the intervening period. North Lincs Council and the Drainage Board have addressed other issues with drainage locally, including some significant investment in the land drainage system which is so important to dealing with surface water. Severn Trent have also undertaken action to remove blockages, install non-return valves and undertake other maintenance to the system. 

“John, Julie and I will continue to do all we can to pressure the various agencies involved to address resident concerns." 

Photo Adam Boucher (Severn Trent) Cllrs John Briggs and Julie Reed, and Andrew Percy MP

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