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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

New Post Office Services and Products

New Post Office Services and Products

The Post Office recently hosted an event in Parliament to showcase their products and services to MPs, particularly highlighting the access that branches provide to banking services and household bill payments. 

Bank branch closures can have a real impact on a community, so Post Office branches – including those in Brigg and Goole – have an important role to play in offering both personal and business everyday banking services to communities. This means that millions of individuals and small businesses can withdraw and deposit cash, pay in cheques, and check their balance. In addition, constituents in Brigg and Goole can also pay their bills at their local Post Offices, along with a range of other services, from mailing services to obtaining foreign currency. 

Of particular use to small businesses is Post Office’s Drop & Go service, which is a pre-paid mail service which makes it speedier for small business customers to drop off their online orders, products and samples and post them to their customers across the UK and around the world. 

These services, which are all available locally, are particularly important for those in Brigg and Goole without easy access to transport, or those who are elderly or vulnerable in the community. 

Andrew commented, “Post Offices are vital hubs in our local communities, which is, of course, certainly true in and around our area.

“It’s worth knowing that the Post Office isn’t only a place to send and receive mail – they also provide a number of other services, including banking and household bill payments.”


In Brigg and Goole:

-              There are 31 Post Office branches

-              13 are open on Sundays

-              More than 325 extra opening hours every week

-              14 branches have been modernised

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