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Isle of Axholme

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Goole Subway Update

Goole Subway Update

Heavy rain again today and haven't had a chance to check the subways yet but I did have Network Rail down this week to meet with me to discuss how exactly they are going to sort this out.

They promise me that in the next two years or so they will install a wholly new system in each subway as the current arrangements are not safe to work in, the chamber being under the road, and nor is it keeping them dry.

Until then, they are making other changes as I've outlined before, but these have not worked. That is why more works took place this week and further works are due to commence on Monday.

These works are -

* Readjusting the settings of the pumps and testing those to ensure they kick in earlier. This was completed on Monday and relates to the new pumps installed recently.

* A new drainage channel has been dug across the footpath to improve the flow of water away.

* Work to replace the ACO drains and improve the channelling will start from next Monday. Network Rail has had to commission the production of special components for this as they are not available off the shelf.

* The flow from the downpipes which presently spills put on to the path will now be plumbed directly into the drainage.

* The capacity of the sump will be increased to capture the flow of water more quickly.

When I met this week, Network Rail were again clear that these are temporary improvements that they hope will be successful until the project to replace the whole drainage system can commence. This is now planned into Network Rail's capital plans for the future.

We also discussed the general appearance of the subways and I will keep pushing on that.


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