Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Covid-19 Scam Awareness

Covid-19 Scam Awareness
Further to Andrew's recent information regarding Scam Awareness Fortnight, he has been informed of further scams that are using the Covid-19 outbreak to target vulnerable people.
Andrew says, "As I have mentioned previously, 2 in 5 people in the Yorkshire and Humber area have been targeted by a scam since lockdown began, with the most vulnerable people sadly being most-often targeted."
Scams can come in many forms, including in emails, sms messages, social media ads, or phone calls. To help protect yourself, the website outlines some important steps you can take:
• reject offers that come out of the blue
• get the company’s name and establish their credentials using the FCA’s Financial Services Register
• beware of adverts on social media channels and paid for/sponsored adverts online
• do not click links or open emails from senders you don’t already know
• be wary of promised returns that sound too good to be true
• take your time to make all the checks you need, even if this means turning down an ‘amazing deal’
• do not give out personal details (bank details, address, existing insurance/pensions/investment details)
• seek financial guidance or advice before changing your pension arrangements or making investments
The National Trading Standards Scams Team run the Friends Against Scams website, which has some useful information and resources on how to protect yourself against scammers:
If you do come across a potential scam, please report it using the information in this link:
Please do share this information, particularly with more vulnerable members of your family, friends or neighbours.
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