Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Keadby Pumping Station Update

Andrew has recently received the following update from the Environment Agency regarding Keadby Pumping Station.

Andrew adds, "Local Councillors and I have been pushing for further works to ensure that this facility offers the protection the Isle so needs. We are therefore very pleased that works to improve the pumping station will shortly commence."



We are working to improve Keadby Pumping Station so that we can continue to manage flood risk across the Isle of Axholme. This briefing will give you an update what is happening and how you can expect to see things develop over the next few months.



Keadby Pumping Station is at the end of a complex network of rivers and pumping stations within the lowlying Isle of Axholme. The pumps help transfer flood water from the Three Rivers into the River Trent during high tides. The station is nearly 80 years old and has reached the end of its working life. The current pumps and associated equipment is unreliable, inefficient and costly to maintain.

This briefing note provides an update following on from a successful public drop-in session held in Keadby in December 2018 and also outlines the next steps and when construction work will begin.

The pumping station will remain operational throughout the work and will continue to be operated as and when required during flood incidents and for water level management across the Isle of Axholme.



We have been working in partnership with Local Authorities and Internal Drainage Boards to develop our plans for the renewal of Keadby Pumping Station. The project involves replacing the existing diesel driven pumps with new electric pumps; constructing new electrical equipment buildings within the existing site; laying a new connection to the electricity network and rebuilding the outfall headwall, where the Three Rivers discharge to the River Trent. Keadby Pumping Station's full business case was submitted in December 2018 and we received approval for the project in January 2019. We have started investigation works on site to confirm services and are now finalising detailed design work of the new pumps and new outfall structure.



We will be undertaking survey works of the culverts underneath the Pumping Station and have been

preparing the site for the first stages of construction.

Site cabins will be delivered to the Pumping Station on 11th March which will form our site offices. These will be located to the rear of the site. Demolition work of the existing garage building will be undertaken and fencing replaced to aid access to the site and properties along South Bank road.

Works to remove the metal framework at the outfall structure on the River Trent will be undertaken before we proceed with the new outfall structure that will be installed on the River Trent in front of the existing structure.



To construct the new outfall structure we will need to put temporary traffic lights on the B1392 (Station Road) while we work on the outfall. We have agreed this work with the local highways department and understand that this may cause some delays to traffic on Station Road and will do everything that we can to keep disruption to the minimum possible. There will be a lot more activity around the pumping station as deliveries are made and construction work progresses.



Preparation works will start on site at the pumping station in March 2019 with the main construction work to the outfall starting in May 2019 running until June 2020. All of the work to the pumping station will be complete by June 2021.

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