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Goole Subways - Latest Update

Goole Subways - Latest Update

Last Friday Andrew met with Network Rail again following flooding in the subways over the New Year period. The flooding occurred despite substantial works being undertaken to the subways last year to improve the drainage issues. Those works included new pumps, clearing of the sump, new drainage grates and more. 

Andrew was informed that the cause of the latest flooding was a combination of litter filling the drainage channels and plastic getting into the pumps which slowed down their operation. As a result of this latest incident, Network Rail have agreed the following - 

1.       Undertaken a full clean and test of the system

2.       Removed the mesh from the inlet chambers

3.       Adjusted the pumps so that they start removing water from the sump much earlier.

Going forward, in the short term Network Rail will:

1.       Commission an independent test of the system

2.       Implement a robust maintenance regime

3.       Investigate remote operation of the system via an app

4.       Speak with the local authority regarding an enhanced cleaning regime for the subways.

Andrew says, "I took on this issue along with Cllr Josie Head as nobody else in the town seemed prepared to. I am therefore as frustrated as everybody else that, despite securing tens of thousands of pounds of new equipment and works to the subways, flooding occurred again!

“I have secured an agreement from Network Rail for them to implement a whole new drainage system for the subways once money becomes available in 2019. Until then, the focus of all the works is to keep the ancient unsatisfactory drainage system working as well as possible until we can get a new system designed, funded and constructed. Hopefully, that means we only have another 18 months to 2 years of this current system.

“Litter is a big issue as so much of it is blown into the subways and ends up in the drainage channels. The Town Council haven't bothered to hire their own street sweepers as you see in many well maintained towns, so we are relying solely on the East Riding's street sweeping schedule. 

“I'll continue to do what I can to monitor and push this issue with Network Rail and others. In fairness to them, they assured me they are very embarrassed that we keep having these problems, despite the substantial amount of money that has been spent. However, until they are kept dry, my job is to continue to push for action!"

Photo - Andrew with Matthew Shelton, Senior Asset Engineer  at Network Rail

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