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Bigby Road Closure Update

Bigby Road Closure Update


Since the below update from Network Rail, Andrew has received further news regarding the Bigby Road closure .

Andrew explains, "I am happy to report that Bigby Road Crossing will reopen today. We have been chasing this issue all day and have now received the following update from Network Rail.

"They have sourced a replacement part and plan on installing that this afternoon with a view to having the road reopened by 6pm tonight.

"They are looking at if this replacement part will be able to fit correctly. If it will, the road will simply reopen and return to normal. If the part does not fit, they will be putting signs up advising of a 10mph speed restriction over the level crossing temporarily until such time that the part can be replaced. Either way, I have been assured that the road will reopen today.

"They also informed me that Centurion/Highways have been instructed to remove diversion signs from the time the road reopens and if needed will install a sign advising of the 10mph speed restriction.

"Network Rail also explained that they appreciate the past 24 hours have been far from ideal; however, finding small faults and rectifying them before they become major ones is exactly why they do annual checks on level crossings."

Since the above, Andrew has been subsequently informed that the road will now open tonight without speed restrictions.


Bigby Road Closure Update

Andrew has been in contact with Network Rail for an update on the closure of the Bigby Road crossing. The crossing was closed overnight on Tuesday for maintenance and was due to reopen yesterday afternoon. However, there have been further developments since then.

Andrew was provided with the below update from Network Rail:

“Routine maintenance overnight found cracks in the lids which covers a 3-4 foot deep pit which contains the cranks and rodding for locking and securing the gate. The council was present on site and agreed with us that the road needed to remain closed to protect safety.

"The issue is that there are no spare lids available because they are bespoke to the crossing. A supplier has been contacted to make us some and will be meeting us on site to scope the job on Friday. However, this could take 4-6 weeks. Our team is working hard to see if there is a safe temporary fix which can be made to allow the road to re-open in the meantime as we are aware how disruptive this is for the community. We’re sorry about this and are doing all we can to get the road open again.”

Andrew reports, "Since Network Rail's recent update, I have been informed that their team are right now reviewing all the options and are aware of how critical this road is and the need to reopen it asap

"Rest assured that I and my team will continue to communicate with Network Rail, particularly on the issue of a temporary solution, and will keep constituents updated with any further information."

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