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Scunthorpe Telegraph Column - March 2017

Scunthorpe Telegraph Column - March 2017

It was an absolute delight and pleasure to end last week opening the brilliant new library, gym and skate park at Winterton. This £1 million project was delivered by the local Conservatives and is already proving quite popular with users. I was able to join Cllrs Ralph Ogg, Elaine Marper and Helen Rowson for the opening, where we were joined by local students and residents. 

The new facility all arose out of concerns over the future of Winterton Rangers. Whilst others jockeyed for publicity when this was under threat, we instead worked proactively with Rangers to help secure the site. Credit must go to North Lincs Council and Rangers for all they did to deliver this. Library staff told me that the new library is a better space and has a lovely little nook for reading. The gym is also fantastic and, as it gets more popular, I hope it can open for even longer. I was tempted to have a go on the skate park but concluded I am not 'cool' enough for such things! 

After that, I had a good visit to Cemex in South Ferriby. This important local employer was really badly hit by the floods of December 2013. Tens of millions of pounds of damage was caused at that time, causing concerns from some as to whether the site would open again. Cemex quickly committed to the site and undertook the necessary recovery works. Last year, they recorded their most successful year yet in the UK! 

Parliament was a nice place to be last week following on from the attack the week before. Everybody just seemed to be that little bit nicer to one another, whilst there was still a lot of sadness for the families of those who had died. 

At the start of this week, I had the pleasure of announcing over £9 million of Government funding for the Humber in my role as Coastal Communities Minister. This fund is all part of our efforts to improve coastal communities and support their economic and tourism development. Of projects receiving funding in the Humber, Cleethorpes is getting over £3.7 million whilst over a million pounds is going to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for improvements at Spurn Point. Both of these are popular destinations for day trips from our area. 

Parliament is on recess now for the next two weeks, meaning MPs get a bit of time to catch up on constituency issues and perhaps even some time with family and friends! I look forward to returning to Parliament to continue work on extracting ourselves from the EU. 

I've had a number of emails from residents since Article 50 was triggered, expressing concerns about what they see as an anti-Brexit bias on certain media outlets. Lots of the coverage is certainly biased and this will get worse as we near our exit and certain metropolitan types will become even louder in their cries of pain. All I can say is, we will have to ignore this. The lies and fibs of the Remain campaign, such as the promise of economic disaster and ruin if we voted Brexit, have been disproven. Much of the pro-Remain scaremongering will similarly be proven to be wrong too. 

Photo - Andrew visiting CEMEX at the Cement Plant in South Ferriby (above) and the opening of the new library, gym and skate park at Winterton (below)

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