Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Yorkshire Water Issues - Update!

Andrew has provided the following update on the ongoing low water pressure issues, which Andrew has continued to pursue with Yorkshire Water.

Andrew reports, "I have lost patience now with Yorkshire Water. I have spent the last few days reasonably trying to communicate the situation but this now becoming farcical. I have expressed that frustration in the strongest terms to Yorkshire Water and have again requested that they step up their response to this and actually respond to my request regarding enhanced compensation. I do not feel the standard offer of compensation is sufficient for the disruption people are facing.

"Whilst I can accept that the issues were not deliberate, the way they are responded to is very much in the control of Yorkshire Water. I will continue to apply whatever pressure I can and express our deep unhappiness at this shambolic state of affairs.

"Below is the latest from Yorkshire Water:"


“Unfortunately the burst is still ongoing and there is a gang onsite trying to repair this. We need to put roadworks in place to keep our colleagues safe but apologise for the inconvenience this will be causing. This most recent burst has lead to up to 250 properties being off supply. These have been isolated and we are working to try and restore their supply as quickly as possible. However, this comes with it a risk of discolouration – the same advice as yesterday regarding the quality of this water applies. We are grateful for your patience in this matter whilst we work in very challenging circumstances. In the meantime, there is an incident page on our website for the problems in Goole here -

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