Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

What a Strange World!

They really can't get anything right this Government can they. I saw Brown's big speech on Monday and was absolutely staggered to watch him, after 12 years in power, basically admit that they had got it wrong and basically failed to deliver in a range of policy areas. As a teacher I was aghast at his rubbishing of targets. Hello, isn't this what most of have been saying for years?

It got worse though when he got to the end of his speech without saying how any of it would be paid for. If that wasn't bad enough today we see that one of Brown's key pledges, local houses for local people, will actually be illegal under Labour's new Equality Bill. Just like British jobs for British workers, its all spin. That is a real shame as I have always argued that local authority housing allocations should be able to take account of strong links to the area. The Housing Board I sit on has tried to achieve this through discretionary allocations but its not perfect.

Simon Hoggart in the Guardian yesterday morning offered the best analysis of Brown's way of running, or rather ruining, the country -

"We are in a strange, dream like world in which everything is promised but almost nothing happens."


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