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Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Swinefleet 4R - Consultation on Planning Application for Variation of a Condition

Andrew has provided the following update on the Swinefleet 4R issue. 

Andrew explains:

As residents may be aware, a planning application was recently submitted to East Riding Council by 4R for a variation of one of the conditions set out when planning permission for the controversial waste facility was granted.

Condition 4 of planning permission 20/00883/CM states that, “development shall not begin on the site until the passing bays/localised carriageway widening has been provided on Reading Gate … This pre-commencement condition is imposed because it is considered that the existing public highway … is inadequate at present to safely accommodate the traffic which the construction and operation of the development will generate. However, it is considered that the development can be allowed to proceed if the road is first improved by the provision of junction improvements and passing bays/localised widening.”

I have submitted a strong objection to this application. Condition 4 was deemed necessary by the planning authority when this application was approved and there is no good reason for it to be amended or removed. Those of us who objected to the application previously pointed out the insufficient nature of the roads for this development and previously held site meetings with East Riding Council officers to discuss this. Residents made clear at that meeting and in their own submissions that the passing places 4R was claiming it would construct were proposed on land they and/or the Highways Authority did not own. 

I believe that this development should not progress without these passing places as the road is unsuitable for use without. All in all, this reconfirms my view that this is not a suitable development for the area, not least because the road network to the site is not appropriate. I hope that the East Riding Council will reject this application for variation of the condition. The Council was absolutely right in previously imposing this condition and stating that without this pre-commencement condition being met the road is not safe for use. Nothing has changed and so that view should remain.

The deadline for submitting objections or comments is tomorrow (Saturday 3 June), so there is still time for residents to make their views known. However, often the Council will still consider objections after the event. 

Residents can comment on the consultation via the East Riding Council’s planning portal at:  or by email at: 

Please remember to quote the planning application reference: 23/01310/CM at the top of your correspondence.

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