Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Some English Pride

I tend to only write about politics on this blog as I think MPs who try to sound 'cool' and 'down with the kids' by sharing their views about other subjects such as sport or music tend to come off as a bit sad. I swear some MPs think they are some sort of celebrity whose ramblings on any subject at all deserve to be shared with public.

Anyway, I could not let the brilliant Ashes victory pass by without comment. Due to a back problem I have had to leave it to the team to deliver and canvass in the past few days so I spent most of the weekend watching the Ashes on TV or listening to TMS.

It was pretty gripping stuff, and as usual there were moments when I did wonder whether or not the Ozzies might just pull something spectacular off; fortunately it wasn't to be.

A good sporting weekend too in which even Hull FC managed a convincing victory, at last!! Not a huge footie fan so I shall leave prattling on about football to somebody else...

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