Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Out and About

SobrietyI had a fantastic weekend out and about in the constituency. Friday night we had a joint dinner with the Cleethorpes constituency at Elsham Golf Club where our guest speaker was Martin and mine's predecessor in the old constituency of Brigg and Cleethorpes.


Saturday I started at the Sobriety Project in Goole where I was asked to kick off the celebration for the 100th birthday of the vessel Sobriety which used to chug up and down our local waterways DSCF2361before it was donated about 25 years ago to start the Sobriety project in Goole. The project does fantastic work with disaffected young people and others in Goole and I am full of nothing but admiration for the work they undertake. I was keen to pay particular tribute in my speech to the founder and staff at the project.



I then went on to my surgery in Epworth before heading to the Old Rectory in Epworth for Wesleyana Day. I'm pictured with Claire Potter, the curator and director at the Old Rectory. The book is a 1661 commentary on the new testament which belonged to John Wesley himself. Claire and her team are trying to raise money to restore the book by asking people to pay £1 to dedicate a page of the book to whoever they want. I bought five and dedicated one to our constituency. The Old Rectory of course is where John Wesley was raised and it is a fantastic place to visit.

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