Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

MP Meets Co-op to Discuss Wind Farm Construction



Local MP Andrew Percy met with representatives of Co-Op this week to discuss the construction of the 14 turbine wind farm at Twin Rivers. The wind farm received planning approval some years ago but construction is yet to begin.

Andrew met with Rob Ellis, Sustainable Development Manager at The Co-operative Group and James O’Leary, Public Affairs Manager for the Co-operative Group, at Westminster.

Andrew Percy MP says, "Although the planning permission for this development was gained some time ago, construction has yet to begin. In fact, construction will not start until the radar issues with Doncaster Robin Hood airport are resolved which could take many many more months.

However, following the concerns raised by residents in Swinefleet and Eastoft about the likely impact of construction traffic for the Keadby wind farm in North Lincolnshire, which are now all but resolved, I wanted to meet with the Co-Op to discuss their plans.


In particular, I wanted to find out from them what exactly they are proposing to do with the construction traffic that will be necessary for this development. As with the wind farm at Keadby, I don’t want to see local villages impacted upon by this development.


I found the attitude of Co-op to be very positive and they assured me that before construction began they would want to consult with local residents and Parish Councils. They have assured me that they will create a ‘Community Working Group’ made up of themselves, representatives of local Parish Councils, Ward Councillors and myself. This group will then consider issues such as the traffic plan and community relations etc.


It is unlikely that anything will happen on this development until 2011 at the earliest but I will be maintaining a dialogue with the Co-op from now on. I am keen to work with them to do all I can to ensure that when the construction does begin, it has as little impact on our local villages as possible.”


Rob Ellis, Sustainable Development Manager at The Co-operative Group said, “It was a pleasure to meet with Andrew today to discuss the Twin Rivers project.  We have committed to continue the dialogue into next year as the project takes shape and look forward to working with him and his constituents in the future.”

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