Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

M62 Ouse Bridge Works Update

Andrew has received the latest update from National Highways regarding the ongoing Ouse Bridge works.

Andrew reports, “the team have explained that all existing drainage covers on the upper deck of eastbound carriageway have now been removed and replaced, together with concrete repairs to the drainage channels. I am told that the same works will be undertaken on the westbound carriageway once the switch of the traffic is completed.

“Furthermore, a full drainage survey has been completed at the eastbound east abutment and gullies cleaned out.


“I am informed that the joints for the half joints have arrived on site, while the joints for the abutments are due for delivery later this week.

“The team have stated that all of the hydrodem (high pressure waterjet cutting) shielding has been installed below the west half joint, with the east half joint ongoing, while work on cutting out the joints is due to commence on 31 July 2023.

Proposed Traffic Management Phases (Indicative)

“National Highways have explained that they anticipate the current traffic management layout will remain in place until around early October when the hard shoulder and lane one joints on the eastbound carriageway will be complete.

“From October, I am informed that the traffic management will still be in contraflow but the lane on the eastbound carriageway will be switched to hard shoulder running whilst the joints are replaced in lanes 2 and 3. They say this will be in place until the beginning of December.

“From early December, I have been notified that traffic will temporarily be out of contraflow whilst the joints are replaced through the central reserve and into lanes 3 and 2 of the westbound carriageway, with traffic running in two lanes in either direction. They anticipate this phase being in place until the middle of February.

“From mid-February, I am told that the traffic will be back in contraflow on the eastbound carriageway, with the exception of one lane on the westbound carriageway from Junction 37. This mirrors the works on the eastbound carriageway with the relevant switch in traffic management for the single lane on the westbound, dependant on the location of the works on the westbound carriageway.

“I am advised that all works are expected to be complete around the end of April 2024.

Other Works

“National Highways have informed me that they are extending the cross-over points to move the traffic further away from the works locations. I understand this is to permit a greater working area and provide increased safety for the workforce.

“They have also undertaken separate periods of vibration monitoring at the joints to determine the vibration levels whilst the concrete cures.

“In addition, they continue to monitor the condition of the joints and supporting concrete underneath the westbound carriageway to ensure that no further stress in these areas is being encountered with the traffic loading. As explained above, they are undertaking the replacement of all joints on the eastbound carriageway before moving to the westbound, which I am told should have a positive impact on the completion of the programme.

“The team have explained that the speed restrictions and traffic management layout continue to operate well with no disruption or delays being encountered.

“Furthermore, they have advised me that inspections of the joint ramps on the eastbound carriageway have been completed and that routine maintenance of the plates has been booked in for the end of July.

Other Issues

“It has been brought to my attention that there has been an increased level of anti-social behaviour and trespassing around the scaffolding sites since the start of the school summer holidays. As a result, National Highways have increased the security measures around their sites and installed loudspeakers so that the CCTV operatives can communicate warnings to trespassers. Parents are asked to warn their children around the dangers associated with trespassing onto work sites such as these.

“As ever, I will keep residents posted with any further updates on these works.”

Photo - Ouse Bridge

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