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Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Labour Get Dirty and Use Taxpayers Money - Yet Again!!

There are sometimes in politics when you really want to ring up your opponents and offer them some free campaign advice. For the second time in a few weeks Labour have delivered a really nasty leaflet to residents in Burton about the Flixborough Grange Windfarm. This is the windfarm that 5 Labour Councillors voted to give planning permission to. All of the Conservatives voted against it but Labour are apparently opposed to the windfarm!! If they are, we welcome their late conversion.


Anyway, the leaflet they have delivered is one of the most childish I have ever seen. It is also really rubbing people in Burton up the wrong way. I was told of a conversation last week in the village where the last nasty Labour leaflet was discussed. One of the people in the conversation e-mailed me to say that the consensus of the conversation was that Labour had really shot themselves in the foot.


As if that wasn't bad enough, I was then handed a leaflet in Epworth today which had been delivered by the Labour MP. In best Labour spin the leaflet stated on it that the leaflet was not printed using taxpayers money. It then went on to state that the delivery of the newsletter was paid for by the taxpayer! Hmmm, so that would be Labour using taxpayers money to promote themselves again. They really must think local people are thick!


I'm starting to feel sorry for Labour locally, I have never seen such incompetent political campaigning. Bless them!

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