Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Happy New Year ... at last

I've not been very good at updating the website in recent weeks largely because the run up to Christmas at school was pretty hectic whereas Christmas itself is time for family. I really prefer to keep my posts to politics rather than other issues so there are no pictures of my Christmas dinner table on here! I'm not as self-indulgent as some in politics I could mention.


It was really busy in the run up to Christmas with lots of invites to events etc which I really should have posted about. Visits to South Axholme School, Epworth Pool, Humber Road Safety Partnership as well as to countless Xmas Fairs to name but a few!  Since the new year, like many people,  I've been mostly concerned with actually been able to get to school in all this snow! If only our holidays were as long as those enjoyed by MPs we wouldnt have to worry about such things!!!


Fortunately, our campaigning activities have not stopped and we had two teams out today. I was in Haxey, where you will see from the photos igloos are now a part of the street scene! A very warm reception indeed on the doorstep with plenty of direct switchers from Labour to us. In fact, the reception is so warm at the moment I was stopped by two different sets of people in Tesco in Scunthorpe on Friday when I popped out during my school lunch hour. Both sets of people wanted to wish me look; it keeps happening at the moment in the most unexpected places.


I'm not going to make any comment about the implosion of Labour which we seem to hear more about every day. It's actually a bit sad to think that our country has come to this, we really do deserve better.


Frankly, the sooner we have the election the better as we really don't need another four or five months of this!

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