Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Happy New Year

I've absolutely hated 2020 so there isn't much to say except thank goodness it is over. It really has been a cesspit of a year!

Lets all tiptoe quietly into 2021 and as somebody sent me recently, "Nobody claim 2021 as 'your year'. We're all gonna walk in real slow." Let's not anger it! 

This has been an awful year for so many and the impacts of this pandemic will be felt around the world for years to come. We have to stay positive though and hope 2021 will be a better year. The vaccine roll-out should really start to ramp up in the next few weeks and we can all hope for a return to some sort of normality. Maybe even walk into a packed pub without having to register, wear a mask and be separated from others! 

My team and I have been busier than we have ever been this year, responding to literally thousands of emails and calls for help some months. I know they are exhausted but I thank them for their dedication as I do all those who have worked this year on the front line. Whether that's in the NHS, in a care home, in schools, supermarkets or as a delivery driver etc etc. Thank you. We also remember those who have lost their lives to this nasty virus.
It has been a truly horrible year and somethings have been done well, others less well. Not that you would know it from some of the media, but the challenges we have faced here, the changing information, changing tack etc, have been mirrored in pretty much every country across Europe. We just don't always hear about it. 

I know this has been a tricky year for many and there isn't much more to say other than we will all be glad to see the back of it. I wish everyone all the best for 2021 and let us hope and pray that it is a better year. I'm not sure my nerves can take a repeat of 2020!

Stay positive folks!

Oh and I should have added, no, I will not be signing up to Dry January! If anything I'll be drinking more beer!


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