Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Goole Town Deal - Share Your Thoughts

Andrew is encouraging Goole residents to share their thoughts on the Town Deal funding of £25 million.

Andrew explains, "Last Friday I chaired the first meeting of the Goole Town Deal group which will formally be constituted shortly. This is the group that will help oversea the up to £25 million Town Deal funding I helped secure for the regeneration of Goole from the Government.

"The group will have representatives of the Council, Town Council, voluntary groups and business groups on it and is the formal body required to oversee the plan that will determine how this funding will be spent. However, as the Government and ourselves have made clear, how the money is spent will depend very much on what the public tell us.

"It is clear that addressing the regeneration of the town centre will be a big part of that but the funding can also be used to improve the skills offer in the town, expand and improve transport connections and more besides.

"During the coming months full consultations will take place enabling the public to share their ideas but this can already be done by the Goole Town Deal Facebook page. Sadly, some people have already used this to make some negative and unhelpful comments but we will ignore those and focus on those making constructive comments! As my Grandma used to say, 'if you've nowt nice to say, keep your trap shut.'

"Shame also that a few local Labour members have tried to dominate the page to talk this funding down and to once again be negative and spread untruths. They literally have nothing positive to say locally on anything. Rest assured, we have a great opportunity to get up to £25 million from this multi-billion pound funding and only by being positive and working together can we maximise the amount of funding we secure.

"Anyway, for those who actually want to contribute to making our town a better place to live, you can share your thoughts here."

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