Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Goole Railway Upgrade & Electrification & Road Upgrades

Andrew has provided the following update on local rail upgrades.

Andrew reports, "I am delighted that the government has today announced as part of its new 'Network North' railway upgrades that Goole is included on the list to see a rail and route upgrade.

"As part of the planned line upgrade and electrification of the Sheffield-Hull route, Goole will see it's line electrified meaning faster and more frequent trains.

"It has been a concern for a time that as the railway industry increasingly moves to electrification, we could be left behind.

"The Leeds-Howden-Hull route will also be electrified and upgraded.

"There will also be increased finding for road improvements across the North with a specific fund targeted at rural areas such as North Lincs.

"For me this is bitter sweet as the funding is coming from the decision to cancel HS2 from Birmingham to Manchester. I've always been a supporter of building new high speed rail lines but it is also the case that by far the bigger concern for most northern travellers is the east-west rail connectivity and the road network.

"That funding planned for HS2 is now moving to fund these projects which will be delivered more quickly than HS2. We are where we are so no good crying over spilled milk.

"I certainly cannot be against these proposed upgrades to our local rail and road network.""

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