Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Goole - Gibraltar Link

Andrew attended this year's Gibraltar National Day celebrations and met with the Gibraltar Minister for Culture to discuss the link between Gibraltar and Goole.

Andrew said, *"I had the pleasure of attending the Gibraltar National Day celebrations a couple of weeks ago which gave me the opportunity to refresh a decades long link between Goole and Gibraltar. Many people might not be aware but Goole and Gibraltar were officially twinned decades ago, something I only realised last year when I was travelling through Gibraltar where I was greeted at the border by a sign listing Gibraltar's twin cities which displayed at the very top Goole and our coat of arms!

As I knew I was going to be in Gibraltar for the National Day weekend I reached out to Goole Mayor and Mayoress, David and Barbara Jeffreys, to see if I could take a little momento over from Goole to present to their Mayor. They kindly obliged with a nice coat of arms of Goole Town Council and a lovely letter refreshing the link.

Sadly, the Mayor of Gibraltar had covid so I was unable to present it to her directly. Instead, I presented the plaque to Gibraltar's Minister for Culture and Heritage, John Cortes MP. Neither of us knew at the time were the link came from and I think it is fair to say most folks in both places have probable either forgotten the link exists or have forgotten why.

Apparently, it goes back to Goole's MP from 1950-71, George Jeger, who was a strong supporter of Gibraltar and their right to self-determination to remain British. Thus the link was made and today there is a Goole and a George Jeger House in Gibraltar, just as we have a Gibraltar Court here in Goole.

In my view, any link that raises the profile of Goole both nationally and internationally can only be a good thing so I am thankful we got the chance to refresh this link.

You can read more about the signs here -"*

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