Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Dwarfism Campaign

Andrew has provided the following update on his work with paralympic swimmer Will Perry and the Little People Charity to educate people on dwarfism.

Andrew reports, "Great today to meet with Disabilities Minister, Tom Pursglove, and paralympic swimmer Will Perry and Danielle, Andy and Rebecca from the Little People Charity, to discuss our ongoing campaign to end ignorance against people with dwarfism and promote positive messaging around people with dwarfism.

"I became involved in this issue following a piece the BBC did with Will in which he highlighted the insults and appalling behaviour that is sometimes displayed against people with dwarfism. This includes everything from people taking out their phones to film and laugh at those with dwarfism in the street, to personal abuse and even to messages on social media criticising people with dwarfism for having children.

"This seems to be one of the few disabilities were a small minority still consider it acceptable to mock and openly make fun of. This is completely intolerable and more needs to be done to stamp it out.

"There are also many people who would never engage in that behaviour but who remain unsure about how to approach someone with dwarfism which can lead to avoidance which has a similarly damaging isolating effect. That is why we met the Minister today to look at ways of working with him and across government departments to promote positive messaging and stories of those with dwarfism and to see what more we can do to educate about this disability.

"We left the meeting with some good action points that we hope to continue working on and following up on in the coming weeks and months.""

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