Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Crowle Drainage and Flooding Update

Andrew recently joined Isle of Axholme North Councillors, John Briggs and Julie Reed, for another of their recent update meetings with Severn Trent, North Lincs Council and the Isle of Axholme Drainage Board. These on-going meetings are designed to keep up the pressure for action on the drainage issues in Crowle and ensure that all the various agencies are working together. 

Andrew reports, “We hope to have a final decision from Severn Trent in the next few months on their multi-million pound upgrade to the drainage system and the sewerage works. This is vital to relieve the issues which have been causing drainage and flooding problems for residents for years. John, Julie and I will continue to pressure and hope that this funding will be confirmed shortly. Following this the final designs will need to be completed.” 

Cllr Julie Reed adds, “In addition to this, North Lincs Council will progress its scheme to upgrade the highway drains on Godnow Road which will also link in to the Severn Trent scheme. This work should commence in June and will see the carriageway and pavements resurfaced and could take up to a year to complete. The works will be done in 300ft (100m) sections to limit disruption and we are arranging for a community notice board to be installed to update residents.” 

Cllr John Briggs adds, “This will be welcome relief to residents on Godnow Road who have been waiting for these works. They had to be delayed so as to ensure that everything could tie in with the Severn Trent scheme to avoid having to dig everything up again! Work is also continuing with the Drainage Board to look at options for the management of the water that flows through Wrays Drain.” 

PHOTO - Andrew joins, John, Julie and the relevant local bodies for a meeting last year to discuss drainage issues in Crowle. 

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