Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Takes Up Important Westminster Roles

25576_-_3_Andrew_Percy_MPLocal MP Andrew Percy has been given a major new policy role at Westminster, having been elected as Chairman of the Backbench Public Services Policy Committee. The Committee will serve as an important conduit between backbench Conservative MPs and Government Ministers over the course of the Parliament.


Andrew was also recently appointed to two Parliamentary Select Committees, Regulatory Reform and Procedure. Since winning the Brigg and Goole seat at the General Election Andrew Percy has been one of the most active of the new MPs at Westminster. Andrew has spoken in over 23 debates since his election, more than most MPs manage in a whole year!  The MP even won praise from Labour spokesmen for his recent contributions to the Academies Bill debate.

Andrew says, “I am delighted to have won the election for the Chairmanship of the backbench Public Services Policy Committee and I am grateful that the position has gone to somebody who has had direct experience in the public services. As a former teacher I am committed to our public services and I am looking forward to getting stuck into my new role.


As a backbench committee, my role will also involved feeding back concerns backbench MPs may have over Government policy. I have always pledged to be an independently minded MP and indeed I have already voted against my own party in Parliament. I won’t be afraid to raise concerns with Ministers if I think they are headed in the wrong direction!”

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