Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Steps Up Broadband Fight

Local MP Andrew Percy has taken his campaign for improved rural broadband in the area to Parliament. The recently elected MP has tabled a parliamentary question asking for details of how the new government will roll-out fast broadband to rural areas.


Andrew also met with representatives of BT at Westminster last week to discuss possible solutions to broadband issues in the constituency.

Andrew says, “I started my campaign for improved rural broadband a few months ago but the general election got in the way a bit. This is a really important issue for our rural communities and as such I wanted to move my campaign on as quickly as I could.


"The meeting with BT went well and they have agreed to my request for a meeting in the constituency with senior technical people from the organisations to look into some of our more localised problems. I am keen that we find solutions to these local problems but I am also aware that BT alone may not be able to provide all of the solutions. That is why I shall also be including other bodies such as the local Council and Parish Councils.


"I am now waiting for BT to come back to me with some dates, but the hope is we can get this meeting set up as quickly as possible. People in rural communities pay their taxes just like everyone else, and it simply not fair that they are being left behind when it comes to the information superhighway.

"I have also raised the matter in Parliament and will continue to fight for action.”

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