Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Questions Minister on Adult Education


Local MP Andrew Percy pressed the new coalition government on adult education last week during questions to the Business, Skills and Innovation Department in the House of Commons.  Andrew asked the government to confirm its support for community adult learning and pressed the Minister to look at reversing the previous governments cuts to adult education courses not leading to formally recognised qualifications.


Andrew, who is a former school teacher, said, “We all remember a few years ago when the previous government decided to change the goalposts on the funding of adult education courses. These changes led to the loss of many worthwhile courses simply because they did not lead to a formal qualification.


I am sure this was not an intended consequence of the change in policy but it was nevertheless regrettable and I wanted an assurance that the new government would not view adult education in the same way. Whilst it is always desirable for people to gain new qualifications, sometimes learning is just as valuable even if it does not result in a certificate at the end. I am pleased to say the Minister said that the new government would take a different approach.”


Responding to Andrew’s question, Skills Minister, John Hayes MP said, “I welcome my hon. Friend to the House. I know of his rich experience in learning as a former teacher, and he, like me, understands that learning has a value for its own sake ... it has to be said that the dull utilitarianism that permeated the previous government’s thinking on this subject has now, thankfully, come to an end.”

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