Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Wind Farm Traffic Update

Prospective MP, Andrew Percy, recently met with representatives of Network Rail and British Waterways to discuss their involvement in helping to find a solution to the Keadby wind farm traffic problem. Andrew handed over 150 letters to Network Rail from local residents asking for their involvement and assistance.


Wind_Farm_Traffic_Meeting_Oct_09Andrew Percy said: “I was delighted to be able to meet with senior representatives of both these organisations to explain to them in detail the exact nature of the problem and the strength of local feeling on this important matter. I explained to both organisations that it was important that everything possible was done to ensure that Swinefleet, Ealand, Eastoft and Luddington could spared from the horror of thousands of construction vehicles.


"In my meeting with the representatives of Network Rail, I handed over 150 letters from residents asking for their involvement. Since the meeting, I have received many more letters and the total now stands at over 220. Colette Fowler (pictured receiving the surveys) from Network Rail informed me that she had been asked to bring together a report on this issue and she informed me that the letters were very useful in demonstrating the strength of feeling locally.


"I also met with British Waterways whose involvement could be key. I was keen to express my belief that as much use as possible should be made of the canal for bringing in construction materials. This is a view which was expressed to me by many residents at the exhibitions held in Eastoft and Ealand a couple of weeks ago. I was informed that RES and British Waterways are looking into this option and I hope that it can be achieved.


"The various organisations involved in this issue will meet at a round table event in November to discuss this issue further. Myself and Cllr Caroline Fox have asked Ian Cawsey MP, who is hosting the event, for an invite to the meeting but despite waiting nearly a month we have received no communication from him.


"We all need to work together on this issue which is why I contacted Mr Cawsey before my meetings with Network Rail and British Waterways to ask if there is anything he wanted me to raise. The fact that we have not even received the courtesy of an acknowledgment suggests an unwillingness to work cross-party. I really hope Labour are not trying to act politically on this important issue."

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