Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Ukraine Ambulance Project Continues

Andrew has provided another update on the Uklraine ambulance scheme.

Andrew reports, "I was at the O&H factory in Goole last week to see the latest order of armoured ambulances for Ukraine. This latest order are paid for by a European country and are now ready to start their journey over to Ukraine. 

"This project is not only supplying much needed equipment to Ukraine it is of course also supporting our local factory. 

"This all came about by chance really and I never imagined the project would continue on. In the early days of the conflict, I was asked to go and meet with the Ukrainian Ambassador by Alexander, a Ukrainian born, British businessman who had to flee Putin's Russia, as part of a small group of MPs to see how we could support Ukraine.

"I was able to explain to the Ambassador that we have an ambulance factory in the UK which I said I would reach out to. Oliver North, the CEO of Venari O&H, responded quickly and moved this project forward in a way I never imagined.

"I had assumed at first that we would be able to provide standard ambulances, but Oliver and his team quickly went way beyond and came up with the concept of converting ex UK military vehicles into armoured ambulances that could be used at the front. 

"Here we are a year later still turning these vehicles out. Whilst we are proud of that, we would of course rather not have to. Russia's aggression is showing no signs of abating so we must do all we can to continue to support democratic Ukraine. 

"As it happens I saw the Ukrainian Ambassador in Parliament last night and gave him an update on the project. He assures me more will be needed sadly. 

"Well done again to the amazing team at Venari O&H, all of the workers and everyone in the other local businesses who have supported this project along the way."

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