Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Straw Polls!

I know straw polls are no indication of opinion really but if we are to believe today's straw poll then its bad for Labour!


We were out today in one of the villages on the Isle when I heard quite a funny conversation. I was on the other side of the road but on the other side one of our helpers had the following exchange.

Resident: "Which party are you from?"

Nervous Helper: "Er ... the Conservatives."

Resident: "That's alright then cos if you'd been Labour I'd have shoved that leaflet up ya a***e."

I chuckled to my self on the other side of the road.


In other news, we had a really good tour of the Old Mill Brewery in Snaith on friday  night, followed by a dinner at the Brewers Arms. I then popped in to another pub on my way home where

someone came up to me and wished me good luck. I assume for the election!


It's quite funny at the moment as I get lots of that. I've been stopped when filling up on Diesal, stopped buying underpants in Tescos, stopped while eating my dinner and stopped in the street countless times by people wanting to wish me well.


I was on local radio this week and was asked whether I thought I would win. I hate those questions as it always sounds arrogant if you say yes so I always try and avoid them. The results of our canvassing are good and would suggest that we would. However, I am always wary of canvass returns.


A much more reliable measure are the ones outlined above. When people actually stop you while you are out shopping to wish you luck it must surly be a good measure of how strongly people feel at the moment.

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