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Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Snaith and Cowick Flood Works Update

Earlier today, Andrew took part in one of his regular updates with the Environment Agency regarding the flood defences in the Snaith area, following the flooding earlier in the year.

Andrew provided the following update on Facebook:

Residents should this week see more work starting on some of the banks locally, specifically Poor Bank and Pickhill Bank. The works make permanent the temporary repairs following the flooding and are being funded by the Conservative Government who have delivered £10 million for the works. Due to the rules around flood defence funding, this money has to be used for restoration works to put back assets damaged in a flooding event.

The contractors should be on site for between 4 and 8 weeks and works elsewhere on the banks will also be included.

For the longer term, the Section 19 Flood Inquiry is still underway and once we have this the hope is that all the agencies will have a better understanding of what needs to be done into the longer term. My job as our MP will be to continue to bang the drum for longer term solutions to ensure that if there is a repeat we are better protected.

Whilst the amount of water in the river catchment earlier this year broke records and we hope not to see a repeat any time soon, it is vital that planning starts now for any such repeat. As I say, whilst we hope this is unlikely, the EA have assured me that work is staring with partners now to plan for this winter just in case.

We need this short term planning just in case but the priority remains getting this inquiry completed and working for engineered long term solutions.

I can assure residents that I am continuing to make flood defence funding locally a priority as I have across the constituency during my tenure as our MP. These schemes often take time to develop due to the onerous regulations and rules in place and the need to prove that any works don't just move the problem elsewhere etc etc.

However, we must get a long term solutions to these issues and I will continue to work for that.

Thanks also to the residents who reported some drainage issues in the area over the weekend. We are on with these too.

Photo - Andrew inspecting the work taking place during the recent flooding 

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