Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Siemens Update - Innovation Centre (Phase 1) on Goole 36

Andrew has provided the following update on the Siemens' rail facility in Goole.

Andrew explains, "I’m pleased to report that Siemens Mobility have made a new planning application to ERYC for Phase 1 of a Rail Innovation Centre. This new development is in addition to the rail factory project at Goole 36 and will be located on land adjacent to the main site.

"Phase 1 of the project includes the construction of a support facility for the adjoining Train Manufacturing Plant. This will be a three-storey business centre, which will also include a café. Once complete, Siemens will be sharing this facility with high quality SMEs, engineers and others. I understand that Phase 1 will be open for business in March 2021.

"Phase 2 of the project will go into planning later this year. The Phase 2 development will bring together universities, academics and others. Siemens will be working closely with the University of Birmingham, which is globally renowned for its expertise on the Rail Industry.

"Siemens have explained that their ambition for Goole 36 is that it will be more than a manufacturing site – it will also be a world class R&D centre of excellence. Their goal is to create a village or campus where partners, suppliers, small businesses, universities and other relevant experts are brought together. They aim to utilize this knowledge, skills and expertise to create the most cutting-edge railway vehicles in the world. Co-locating academia, SME suppliers, engineering & manufacturing in Goole will create a unique, world leading eco-system at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

"As residents will be aware, I have been working with Siemens for a while on this project and have mentioned before that it will be more than just a rail factory. As can be seen with this update, these plans are very exciting, and it is fantastic to have this world-class, high-tech project coming to our area.

"As always, I will continue to provide further updates as the project progresses."

Photo - Andrew visited the Siemens Goole site last year along with Finbarr Dowling of Siemens and the Mayor of Goole Josie, and local representatives Nick Coultish, Anne Handley, Barbara and David Jeffreys, Caroline Fox and Liz Sargeantson

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