Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Roxby Landfill Site Update – May

Andrew continues to liaise with representatives of Biffa regarding the ongoing works at Roxby Landfill. Andrew has now been provided with the latest update on the works from Biffa, copied below. 

We have completed the installation of approximately 10,000m2 of capping in Phase 12; which comprises welded LLDPE plastic. 

Due to differential settlement and silt deposition, leachate wells can sometimes fail or become ineffective across landfill sites. We have identified four wells that would benefit from being replaced. The installation of replacement leachate wells necessitates drilling to the drainage blanket at the base of the landfill to allow effective monitoring and removal of liquid from the bottom of the cells. Our contractors Dragon Drilling have been tasked to retro drill four new wells as they have developed high performance equipment and innovative drilling techniques that ensure such complex projects are carried out safely and successfully. Additional odour control units will be deployed in the vicinity of the drilling rig once we commence; we anticipate that the works will start on the 20th May. 

A further 12 deep gas wells and 600m of scavenger lines are due to be installed into the newly tipped waste in Phase 12 scheduled for the 1st June; we foresee with this project taking 6 weeks; thus enabling the gas extraction system to target multiple levels within the waste mass, therefore increasing the overall gas extraction of Landfill gas and the sustainable generation of electricity for the National Grid.

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