Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Roxby Landfill Site - December 2021 Update

Andrew has received the latest update from Biffa regarding the ongoing works at Roxby Landfill, please see below. As ever, we will continue to share further updates with residents.  

"Pin wells have been installed incrementally in layers with additional installation of 63mm horizontal gas scavengers. To date, circa 384 pin wells and 10,000m length of scavenger lines have been installed in Phase 12(A&B); including 3 X 160mm gas scavenger collectors in the base of phase 12B connected to the drainage blanket.

"This continues to ensure that the gas extraction system targets multiple levels within the waste mass, therefore increasing the overall gas extraction of Landfill gas and the sustainable generation of electricity for the National Grid.

"This has allowed site to deploy an additional 16,500m2 of welded LLDPE plastic capping onto Phase 12 in line with the planned works scheduled to be completed before the end of the year as shown the below aerial photographs.

"Waste inputs will be diverted into Phase 13 from the 4th January 2022 to allow site to close down the remainder of Phase 12. We propose to install a further;
• 30 – 50 pin wells into the top section of Phase 12 W/C 10th January 2022
• Circa 10,000m2 – 15,000m2 Temporary LLDPE plastic capping will close down the remaining area of Phase 12 – W/C 24th Jan 2022.
• Drill a further 5-8 deep gas wells towards the end of February beginning of March 22, once the temporary capping has been completed."

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