Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Quizzed by Goole College Students



It was great to be back at Goole College yesterday where I was quizzed by students about a number of issues ranging from the national debt to EMA and immigration. 


One of the issues that kept coming up was why is England in so much debt? I was quite surprised and it is clear that the national debate over the record debt left by the previous Government has certainly got into the minds of young people. Students seemed genuinely shocked when I explained that the Government is presently having to pay £120 million every day just to service the debt we inherited!


Other subjects that came up were the replacement of Educational Maintanance Allowances and Tuition Fees. Obviously, I explained that much of the reasoning behind these decisions was also to do with the debt levels.


A recurring theme also was why do young people seem to miss out on things that older people get. This is a really important point which is why I urged more of them to get involved in local decision making and to make sure that young people have a voice. Because so few young people vote, the risk is that their voices are not heard which is why I urged them to e-mail or write me at any time with their views. I hope they do.


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