Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Over 50s Covid Vaccine Jabs

Andrew has provided an update on the vaccine rollout locally.

Andrew explains, "As residents may know, the plan is to roll-out vaccines to the 9 priority groups making up all over-50s, all over 16s with certain conditions, carers and all health and care workers by April 14th.

"Such good progress has been made that the last of these groups, Priority Group 9 which comprises of 50-55 year olds, is now starting to be called for a vaccine. 
Residents in these groups are urged to book online via the link below at one of the Mass Vaccination Sites. One of these is opening in Scunthorpe at the Baths Hall this week but other sites local people are using include Lincoln Showground, York, Hull, Pontefract etc. 

"If you can get to one of these sites please do. If not, you can wait to be called by your local GP and attend one of the local GP Hubs. Some locally have also already started to call this group. 

"The sooner people in this age group take a jab, the sooner we can move on to those in their 40s! That said there are supply issues in the coming weeks so keep posted. 

"ALL of the vaccines authorised for use in the UK are safe, highly effective and tested and recommended for use by the UK regulator, the World Health Organisation and the European Medicines Agency, Health Canada, Australian regulators and more besides."

PHOTO - Andrew volunteers at a local vaccine centre with Cllr Rob Waltham

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