Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

On Patrol Again!

Yesterday was another really busy day, although I nearly didnt get anywhere. I left Airmyn at about 7.45am for school only to find my car immobilser key had broken! Anyway, I got it sorted and got to school.


After completing my Sports Relief Mile and parents afternoon at school, I then joined the local police team for Snaith, Airmyn and Rawcliffe last night for an anti-social behaviour patrol. I did this in Snaith last month.


This time I went to Rawcliffe with one of our local PCSOs, Rachel Matthews (pictured). It was a fairly quiet patrol but we did get to speak to quite a few people, including a really friendly group of young people who couldn't have been more decent. Rachel is a cracking PCSO and really cares for the patch and no matter what issue I raised with her, she knew the details inside out.


Today, I was out in Winterton with a team whilst another group were out in another area. I did quite a bit of canvassing and actually got better results then I had expected. People were really friendly and a lot of people mentioned a certain Labour MP and his expenses!


Somebody also sent me a photo of a campaign shop they have rented in Goole for the election; very amusing.  We understand this shop is funded by the Unions in whole or part. They certainly approached UNITE back in December begging for cash, telling them that the GMB have already given them a generous donation! Whoever said Labour were owned by the Unions ...

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