Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Northern Powergrid Meeting - Outages and New Investment

Andrew has provided the following update after his meeting with Northern Powergrid in relation to outages in the local area.

Andrew reports, "I met with Northern Powergrid this morning following resident complaints about repeated outages in places such as East Cowick and Airmyn. I have raised these a number of times in the past but I wanted a face to face meeting (well, on Teams) to discuss in more detail.

"We also discussed a planned £8 million plus upgrade of the network in Epworth and Haxey but more details on that will follow in the New Year. 

"In terms of the outages residents have complained to me about in East Cowick and Airmyn, Northern Powergrid have looked into all of those in the past year in detail. Like other local residents, I have noticed these outages for some years but in the past 12 months we seem to have had a number which have lasted for longer than normal, leading me to question if there was some sort of network issue. 

"I suppose the good news is that there isn't any evidence of major network issues and Northern Powergrid inform me that the longer outages have all been for different explicable reasons. 

"For example, the outage in East Cowick on November 22nd, which last for 12 hours, was the result of a pole termination issue which required inspection of miles of cabling to determine. 

"In Airmyn, outages in June which lasted for 16 hours and 5 hours were the result of a tree trunk fall in one case and a bird strike in the other. 

"In addition to these, there have also been a number of shorter outages which trip the network for a few seconds or so but frustratingly leave people having to reset ovens and clocks etc. 

"These I am told are normally the result of bird strikes, high wind or trees and occur more in areas such as ours where there are so many more high voltage overhead cables. In larger cities more of the network is undergrounded for obvious reasons. 

"I have asked Northern Powergrid to go back a little further than the last year to see if there are any other patterns that might suggest other issues. They do not think there are but they have agreed to do so never the less.  I am afraid this is all a little frustrating when it happens but it doesn't appear to be because of any broader or more significant network of system issues locally. 

"I felt it important to pursue this issue on behalf of residents though and will continue to do so.

"In the New Year I will post details of the investment in Epworth and Haxey."

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