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Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

NFU Meeting & Scunthorpe Cat Rescue

Had a very busy day today with visits to Gunness, Epworth and East Cowick, followed by an evening cup of tea in Airmyn with my neighbour and local Councillor Caroline Fox. Before all of that though I met with Jonathon Brant, Alex Godfrey and Caroline Ellis from the local National Farmers Union (see photo).

We had a really good discussion of the various challenges facing the farming community at the moment. We spent quite a lot of time discussing the various form-filling and regulations which afflict farmers especially hard. I assured them that the Conservatives had already pledged to scrap the ridiculous system that leads to farmers filling out the same information time and time again.

As a teacher, I can relate to their concerns about endless paperwork. Likewise, I was able to assure them that we will do something about the gold-plating of EU legislation which sees the British Government add more regulations to those already forced on us from the EU.

After that I had a quick stop to see Pat in Gunness who runs the Scunthorpe Cat Rescue. I recently raised £150 for the centre and so I popped in to drop the cheque off to a very grateful Pat; I am sure the cats will be grateful too!

Then it was on to Belton, Epworth and East Cowick before I drove back home to Airmyn. The last few weeks have been mad with so many groups and people asking me to pop in to see them. This weekend we spent in Snaith where we had an absolutely brilliant response on the doorsteps.

I never get round to updating this blog enough as I never seem to have the time. Apologies for the long gaps, I will try to do better from now on!

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