Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

More Scrubs Delivered to Local NHS

Andrew has provided a further update on the delivery of scrubs on his Facebook page.

Andrew wrote: "I was back serving in my role as delivery driver for the brilliant The Marshlands Sewing Brigade group on Friday. This time scrubs were dropped once again to the Bartholomew Medical Group (where one of the team was already wearing a set of the scrubs from last drop) and this time I also did a delivery to Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust specifically the Queen's Cancer Centre at Castle Hill. Councillors Caroline Fox and Liz Sargeantson also did a drop of some to the GP practice in Snaith.

"As usual collection stated down in Reedness where Fran Ward has been co-ordinating the project. This was the first time though that Castle Hill have received scrubs and it is fair to say they were, like the others, blown away by the quality of the scrubs. They also said they would be really welcomed by the staff there as the more scrubs they can have in circulation the better.

"The Sewing Brigade are on with sewing more scrubs and want to carry on for the time being. I will gladly continue as their delivery driver as I am so amazed and proud at the work they are doing. Whenever I drop any scrubs I always point out I'm just the muscle, and haven't the skills to even sew a button on and it is these ladies (and it is still just ladies) who have all the talent and have done all the work.

"Well done all!"

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