Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Meeting Yorkshire Water to discuss flood report

Andrew met with Yorkshire Water to discuss the final report by East Riding of Yorkshire Council in respect to the flooding experienced in 2012 and the next steps for the Town.

Andrew was provided with an update from Yorkshire Water's perspective and data from their modelling of current water management in Goole. It was explained that there are a number of areas identified for further investigation and that what is needed now is for both their model and the surface water model undertaken by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to be combined.

It was stated that as both have used the same external company, it was expected that this 3D modelling should be completed by March/April 2014 with localised solutions being suggested.

Andrew again raised the matter of goodwill payments for those that suffered internal flooding to reflect the disruption caused by the event. Yorkshire Water have not accepted any liability for the flooding.

Andrew says: "Following the publication of the long awaited report into last July's flooding it was important to meet with Yorkshire Water to discuss this direct. Whilst residents recognise the significant investment at Carr Lane, what is clear is that we really need this modelling to be completed to see what else can be done to better protect residents.

"I am frustrated that the East Riding and Yorkshire Water do not agree on the impact of the pumping station on flooding in the town, with Yorkshire Water strongly disputing the East Riding's findings. I'm no water physics or drainage expert but I did make the case again to Yorkshire Water of the need for compensation or goodwill payments from them to flooded residents. Whatever the truth, what residents really need is for Yorkshire Water, the Council and drainage boards to continue to work together.

"The money spent on the pumping station is good and will hopefully make a failure of that asset much less likely. However, that alone is not enough and it will not on its own prevent homes from being at risk of flooding. Other improvements to the network are needed and that is what the drainage modelling should identify in the coming weeks and months. This has been a painfully slow process and I now want to see these improvements speeded up.

"I will continue to keep residents fully updated on this issue and we have already seen proposals from ERYC to address flooding at Parklands, which I have circulated to nearby residents."

If anyone wishes to read the report they can do so via ERYC's website on the following link:

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