Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Mass Vaccination Centre Invites

Andrew has provided the following update on mass vaccination centre invites on his Facebook page.  Please see Andrew's Facebook page for further information:

Residents can rest assured I am continuing to focus on the flood risk and have just been out on the banks walking from Snaith to Gowdall and will update if there is anything new. 

However, I also wanted to alert people to the fact that some residents in our area may be starting to received invites to the new mass vaccination site at Askham Bar in York. 

To be clear, this is because the mass vaccination sites invite residents from up to a 30-45 minute drive away so the Goole/Snatih area may receive some of these as we are at the edge of the area served by the York one. 
I just wanted to assure residents that they do not need to take up these invites if they do not want to or cannot get there. Residents can wait to receive the invite from their local GP to receive the vaccine locally at one of our local GP centres, such as in Goole, Brigg and Owston Ferry on the Isle. 

Declining will NOT put you further down any list, it is just that the mass vaccination centres are being rolled out to increase the rates of vaccination.  

If you receive an invite and take it up, then your GP will be informed and you wont receive a local invite. If you do not take up the invite to go to a mass vaccination then you will receive a local invite between now and February 15th. The image attached explains - although it is not just over-80s who may be contacted to go to these. 

I spent the weekend helping at one of the local GP hubs and the roll-out continues to go well. Indeed, we are ahead of the country locally. 

Remember the target is to do all over-70s and vulnerable adults by February 15th. Different GP lists are at different points on working their way through their lists so please sit tight and wait for an invite. The GP practice decide who to invite in what order, subject of course to those people being in the four top priority groups. 

With more of the AstraZeneca vaccine becoming available, home vaccinations for those who can't get in have started locally by some of the GPs and more locations to get the vaccine will be added. 

More of these mass vaccination centres are going to be added alongside pharmacies but the issue still remains supply. I hope we will be getting one in our area soon. 

Pfizer are increasing their production, but they have temporarily had to reduce production meaning countries are receiving fewer of that vaccine at the moment. The target remains February 15th which will be a stretch but is achievable. 

The UK continues to lead Europe in vaccinations and we are ahead of every country on the planet except three smaller countries in the middle-east. 

If you are waiting for a vaccine, rest assured an invite will arrive and please don't contact your GP at this stage.

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