Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

M62 Ouse Bridge – Latest Update

Andrew has provided a further update on the Ouse Bridge works via his Facebook page.

Andrew explained: 

"Below is the latest update I have received from National Highways regarding the Ouse Bridge. I have kept in close contact with the agency to keep the pressure up and I have repeatedly pointed out to them the need to act quickly. 
"They assure me that they have put extra resource on and that this is a national priority for them. Again, please don't shoot the messenger as all I can do is put pressure on. 
"The good news is that they will open the hard shoulder westbound to enable two lanes in each direction as I requested when I met them recently. 
"The bad news is, as is the case globally, there is some delay on the metal plates which will allow the eastbound to open again." 

Full details are below
- By the end of this week we are due to have an additional lane open for eastbound traffic. As I mentioned on Friday, we have always been progressing both the plates and the  2 + 2 contraflow in parallel. Due to an issue with the supply of the specialist anchor fixings for the plates, we are implementing the 2 + 2 contraflow this week. We are still progressing the plates as these will provide more resilience and enable the eastbound junction 37 exit to be re-opened. We are working with manufacturers to provide the specialist fixings for the plates, however they are currently indicating this will take two to three weeks. 
- The contraflow installation will take place over several nights and will open on the morning of Saturday 18 June. The works to install the contraflow have to be undertaken using a number of night time closures to keep both the travelling public and workforce safe. We do it at night when traffic flows are lighter to minimise disruption. 
- The installation sequence this week will be:
- Tonight (Monday 13 June), the eastbound lane and lane two of the westbound carriageway will be closed for resurfacing of the crossovers to accommodate two lanes of traffic.  
- The eastbound lane will be closed overnight tomorrow (Tuesday 14 June) for alterations to the crossovers to accommodate two lanes of traffic. Westbound traffic will be running as normal. 
- Overnight on Wednesday, 15 June, lane one of the westbound carriageway will be closed to sweep the hard shoulder, remove existing road markings and reapply them to new locations. Eastbound traffic will not be affected. 
- Overnight on Thursday, 16 June the M62 will be closed to all westbound traffic for the alteration of road markings to move traffic into its new position enabling the contraflow to be installed. Eastbound traffic will running as normal. Westbound traffic will be swapped on to the hard shoulder and lane one once it reopens on Friday morning. 
- Overnight on Friday 17 June the M62 will be fully closed to all traffic to move the temporary concrete barrier to its new position and complete the build of the traffic management. Once it reopens on Saturday morning two lanes will be available in each direction on the westbound carriageway.  
All closures take place from 8pm to 6am the following morning. Diversions will be clearly signed. 
I appreciate moving to the 2 +2 contraflow is a change from the plates being installed this week, however it is the quickest way to restore two lanes in both directions.

Photo - a previous photo taken by Andrew when inspecting the works.

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