Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

M62 Ouse Bridge Further Update

Andrew has provided a further update on the M62 Ouse Bridge works.

Andrew explained on his Facebook page: 

I am continuing to chase the works on this as I am keen the pressure is kept up to get this resolved. The contraflow has greatly improved the situation but obviously we want a permanent repair.

I reached out to National Highways again recently and have received the below. It doesn't tell us much more but I will be meeting them soon to discuss the outcome of their inspection scheduled for today. 
"M62 works - Ouse Bridge
Thank you for your email dated 25 April 2022, regarding works taking place on the M62 at Ouse Bridge.
Further to our letter dated 14 April 2022, the inspections referred to should have taken place week commencing 25 April, however, due to members of the supply chain specialist inspection team contracting COVID, this has been delayed until Wednesday 4 May 2022. This inspection will establish the condition of the existing joints on the east bound carriageway.
The programme for replacement or repair of the joint is dependent on the findings from these further inspections and testing, however, we anticipate the current traffic management layout may be in place for some time subject to the inspection findings.
In order that we expedite the works as quickly as possible, we have instructed our designers and supply chain partners to commence works on both an interim and longterm solution in regards to the treatment of the joints on the eastbound carriageway. We are holding weekly meetings in order that progress is maintained, with the focus on being able to safely open the bridge fully.
As we have noted previously, this is a complicated bridge joint that allows the bridge to expand and contract by over 0.4m (16 inches) and in delivering interim and permanent solutions, we need to ensure the action of the bridge joints is not compromised.
The team are focussed on developing the right solution as the main priority and I will update on the way forward and program for the works once I have more detail on the findings from the inspections and the options have been considered."

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