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Andrew Percy MP

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Labour Wind Farm Lies Exposed

Have had some very angry residents on from Burton about a leaflet put out by Labour locally regarding the wind farm application at Flixborough Grange. My word have they got it seriously wrong. You shouldn't take local people as fools, especially when many of them have been heavily involved in the campaign against the wind farm.

Their lies, just like the local Labour MP's food bill, are whopping. Here are just some of them from the leaflet.

Lie 1

'Your Labour team is fighting plans to build a windfarm at Flixborough Grange' - Er wrong, along with their Indepdendent chum, 5 Labour Councillors voted for the windfarm compared to 0 Conservatives!

Lie 2

'Only Labour members stood up and spoke out at the planning meeting on your behalf'- Hmmm, interesting one that as Conservative Cllr John Briggs attended and spoke out against the proposalĀ (see minute 1133 (72) of the North Lincs Planning Committee meeting April 29th 2009). Lets not forget also thatĀ the decision to reject the windfarm was proposed by Conservative Councillors, all of whom voted AGAINST the wind farm.

Lie 3

They then go on to accuse the Tories of 'crocodile tears' over the windfarm. That I find very insulting as my general antipathy to windfarms is well known. I have worked hard to keep residents updated on this issue, something Labour haven't bothered to do and I have attended numerous meetings on the issue.

Was Mr Cawsey MP at the planning committee meeting when this was decided? Of course not, I however was as I wanted to support residents.

Worst of all however is the fact that it is this Labour Government who are demanding more windfarms be built and who are providing the subsidies for them. The Labour Government also set the planning framework which makes it so difficult for residents to oppose them. Don't take my word for it take the words of Labour's local Councillors.

Labour Councillor Bernard Regan stated in the Scunthorpe Telegraph June 17th 2009 -

"People should understand that Government policy and corporate greed are the principle drivers behind windfarm development."

Or what about Labour Councillor Linda Cawsey, wife of the local Labour MP, who in the Scunthorpe Telegraph on August 15th 2008 said -

"I'm for wind turbines ... I would rather have a wind turbine than a nuclear plant at the bottom of my garden."

Labour should learn a bit of humility and start telling the truth, or is that just something they are incapable of these days. What a shame they have tried to make fools of local people.

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