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Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Labour Insult Burton Residents' Intelligence Again

We've had a very nasty leaflet go around Burton and Winterton from Labour regarding the Flixborough Grange wind farm application. This is the issue the Labour MP took no interest in until he realised which way the wind was blowing, pardon the pun!


Anyway, Labour have circulated a nasty leaflet which personalises the issue regarding the politics of the landowner. However, more serious is an allegation regarding the designation of the land on which the wind farm is proposed.


Labour are clearly worried that the wind farm will be approved on appeal because Labour's planning policies make it very hard to stop them. Labour Minister after Labour Minister have confirmed that they want to see more wind farms.


The local Labour MP is accusing the Tories of changing the designation of the land on which the wind turbines would be sited. A little research however shows that, far from it being the Tory Councils fault, the removal of the designation was approved by the Labour Secretary of State!! This only happened because Labour legislation, which the local MP supported, required a review of these planning policies. Talk about hypocrisy! Just like when he voted for more gypsey and traveller sites and then pretended to be opposed to them locally!


Quite a staggering attempt to pull the wool over local peoples' eyes.


Worse than that, it now transpires that the Labour Council has failed to use a separate land designation which is in force locally to fight the wind farm appeal.  That is the following policy -


LC7 – Landscape Protection

Where development is permitted within rural settlements or within the open countryside, special attention will be given to the protection of the scenic quality and distinctive local character of the landscape. Development which does not respect the character of the local landscape will not be permitted.

Residents are right to ask why Labour are telling so many lies locally. We know they have a history of nasty campaigning in our area, this looks like the latest in a long line. No doubt we will have even more as we head to the election!

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