Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Holiday and Flight Cancellations

Andrew has provided the below information for constituents who are seeking refunds from travel firms, following a question he raised in the House of Commons yesterday. You can view a video of Andrew's question to the Business Secretary of State on Facebook here:

Andrew explained on Facebook: 
I have been contacted by many residents regarding airlines and travel companies refusing to refund residents for flights and holidays that have been cancelled. I therefore raised this in the House of Commons yesterday and I will do all I can to ensure rights to refunds are upheld.
I am one of those local residents doing battle with an airline at the moment on this issue, although I didn't name my case in the House yesterday but I did name those companies residents have reported to me. 
In fairness to the airlines and travel companies they are and will be some of the most impacted by this crisis and I know business is tough for them. However, we booked our flights and holidays on the basis of legal protections which in many cases entitle customers to refunds and those rights must be upheld. I am encouraging further government support for the travel sector but they must give the refunds customers have a right to in law!  
I thought residents might appreciate the links below which provide some excellent advice on your rights and what you can do. I have used the rights that booking on a credit card gives you and in another case I have referred an airline to the Civil Aviation Authority complaints scheme so please do make use of the provisions explained in the advice links below if you are struggling to get a refund.  
The Competition and Markets Authority are investigating this and you can also report businesses you believe are operating unfairly to the government on the link below. This is not something you should do in isolation as the reporting tool below is to give government agencies ideas of trends relating to particular businesses. You should report them on this but also follow the advice in the two links above.  

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