Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Funding Success for Outcasts Cricket Club and Crowle Men’s Football Club

Andrew recently provided an update on funding that he and Community Support Manager Julie Reed helped secure for the Peatland Heritage Railway project and Crowle Boxing Club. Andrew has provided a further update on funding that has been secured for Outcasts Cricket Club and Crowle Men’s Football Club.

Andrew explains, "For Outcasts Cricket Club, £17,582 has been secured via the SSE Windfarm. This funding will go towards the purchase of new matting for winter cricket nets, which were vandalised, and for security fencing and CCTV to prevent further problems.  

"Crowle Men Football Club has secured £3000 also via SSE Windfarm and will help purchase storage for nets and equipment.

"As with the Heritage Railway project and the Crowle Boxing Club, this funding was possible due to the bid writing service I established and offer through my Community Support Manager, Julie Reed. 

"I am glad to say we have other projects being worked on and I will be happy to share further news on those shortly. 

"I am pleased that we have been able to secure funding for all these fantastic projects, particularly during these difficult times."


Photo - Andrew on a previous visit with Community Support Manager Julie to the Heritage Railway project. 

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